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@ALAlibrary @OIF Issues Resolution on Access to Accurate Information

In a press release sent out yesterday the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) announced a resolution adopted on January 24th by the American Library Association (ALA) Council. The resolution prepared by the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) – Resolution on Access to Accurate Information – addresses the “problems of fake news, personalized news-feeds, web search algorithms and the delay of Freedom of Information Act requests.” 
The Resolution outlines the role of librarians and library workers in helping to raise awareness of these issues and “supports the critical role of librarians and library works in all types of libraries in teaching information literacy skills that enable users to locate information and evaluate its accuracy.”

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Excited to present our Sesssion and Workshop @ONLibraryAssoc #OLASC in Toronto this Friday 3 February

Link to Session/Workshop Information
We are look forward to meeting librarians and trustees at the @ONLibraryAssoc Ontario Library Association Super Conference #OLASC in Toronto this Friday, 3 February.
Our Session and Workshop  – “Communicate Effectively with Design Professionals” – will introduce and develop the concept of the the Library Building Program Document as a comprehensive method for organizing your library’s requirements and communicating them to library users, board, city or municipal councils and the architect.
We believe that the librarian is the person who should lead the Library Building Project and we do everything we can to support you with tools to help you systematically navigate your Library Building Project. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or feel unsupported.
We help librarians lead the pre-planning phase of the library building project and offer and explain the use of methods and strategies to use throughout the design development phase that help you retain control of your design into the acceptance of construction drawings.
So that you are familiar with the visual language that designers use, we will introduce you to adjacency charts; bubble diagrams; construction drawing schedules and Room Data Sheets . We will workshop three of these with exercises so that all our attendees can get hands on experience of the work involved and gain some experience for when you begin the design conversation with your architect.

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Fake News or Genuine?Librarians Help Identify Information Sources |@forbes

Pick up a communication device and ask your community's ‎Librarian to source that news you just read on line. You're tax dollars have already paid for the service.

Librarians are uniquely positioned to help every person in America check the source of the information they read on line or … anywhere!

Librarians must be more proactive and vocal in educating their service area citizens about what Librarians really do and to what they devote their lives.

Communities must be more informed, made aware, reminded, of the pivotal role their local librarian plays in teaching Information Literacy, what it is and now more than ever, why it is an absolutely essential component of a functioning Democracy.

This article from by K. Leetaru, 11Dec.'16, is a good starting point to energize you and your library staff… "…fake news exists because as a society we have failed to teach our citizens data and information literacy… to truly solve the issue of “fake news” we must blend technological assistance with teaching our citizens to be data literate consumers of the world around them." 

Read the entire Forbes article here :

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Libraries-Unexpected Sites of Hate Crimes|, C.Mele

We are all diminished as a society when even one of us is attacked for the simple act of reading .

Librarians are and always have been defenders of the right to read, intellectual freedom and privacy as the foundation of a functioning Democracy.

These unprecedented attacks on people inside libraries is profoundly disturbing. What happens to us and our precious, hard won freedom when we no longer feel safe in our library?

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Libraries fear that the feds will go after your data/ @internetarchive suggests duplicating the Internet.|@McClatchyDC #in

Think you don't need to worry about your on-line security because you "have nothing to hide", you are just a 'normal person' who hasn't some anything 'wrong'?

Then, consider this…

"… San Francisco-based Internet Archive  … announced a drive to raise $5 million to set up a mirror repository of the entire internet and place it in Canada for safety."

Read more here:

Here is the link to the story




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Mozilla’s NYC ‘Glass Room’ Reveals Internet’s Dark Side |@fastcompany, @mozilla #in

IoT linked devices pose real and consequential risks to personal privacy.

Mozilla’s mission has consistently been to safeguard our information and privacy in the interconnected on-line world and to educate users so we can make informed choices about what we purchase and use.

Their NOLITA pop-up ‘shop’ “Glass Room” (201 Mulberry St., NYC, open ’til 14 Dec.] shines a very hands-on light on the murky and intentionally shifting world of data mining, the erosion of personal information and our right to privacy.‎ It may look like an Apple Store from the street but once inside you will learn just how some of the products offered to keep you ‘connected’ will, in fact, erode your privacy and could, in the wrong hands, take away some of that freedom you seek by joining connected communities.

Give it a look. See what the company who sells you that device sees, knows and can sell about you!

L‎ibrarians, especially those who have joined the profession in the Internet Age, understand the importance of being well informed about what personal information devices and applications collect and sell (it’s called ‘monetization’ in the data harvesting industry). However we still meet many people who do not know the risks associated with their apps and devices and how companies collect and share very personal, extremely private information. Kudos to Mozilla for taking this seriously important issue to the streets.

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‘Libraries Deliver: Ambition’ an action plan for Public Libraries in England 2016 to 2021

England is getting Her Library on! 
UK neighbours follow suit.

We could take a page from the experiences these struggling libraries have been enduring for years… and what they propose to do about the public's


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@everylibrary Michigan lawyers argue “literacy is not a legal right”

No words can politely express how we feel about this story.

Perhaps the lawyers for Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder and Gov. Snyder himself really are hoping that there will be no one who is even able to read this article:

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Working with You
to Plan Your Library 

~"If you want something you've never had, You must be willing to do something you've never done." T. Jefferson 


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Pilot Project: Basic Income for those living below the poverty line, Ontario, Canada| @inhabitat

Ontario's government is trying something different. So should we.

Architects have always honored and celebrated those in their ranks who successfully land Big Splashy Projects bringing awards and lots of money into their firms. This is a necessary part of 'the business'; payrolls have to be met.

Dependence on these sexy, press-grabbing jobs cannot remain the only impetus we have to seek out projects and make a good living to support our employees and families.

Our knowledge and passions can focus on projects that lift up and sustain our society – our democracy. And our cities and towns must support our efforts to offer good, solid and beautiful designs to 'ordinary people'.

Libraries are only one of the cornerstones of this fragile, mutable social concept we call democracy. Affordable, well designed, truly livable housing is another. 

Here is Inhabitat's reporting on Ontario's proposal:

Architects and those who pay them play an essential role in developing beautiful, sustainable, mutable solutions to challenges that accompany Ontario's forward thinking plan.‎ 

Ontario Government's Discussion Paper brought forward by Hugo Segal, here:

Let us hope that in this newly minted world of protectionism, fear of 'the other' and blatant celebration of greed that kudos, recognition and good money can come to those architects who work for the pure pleasure of knowing they have pushed the boundaries of civil discourse through delightful, use able and thoughtful housing design. 




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