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Whitepaper: Mozilla cares about Web Literacy @MozLearn

Librarians, parents and teachers, “Get the latest teaching activities (for Web Literacy), tips, and news in your inbox every month. Sign up for the Mozilla Learning Newsletter”…here:
Mozilla devotes a great proportion of it’s collective intelligence to keeping the Web open, secure and true to its original intent. Its position outlined in ‘Web Literacy 2.0’ is worth a read: “This paper captures the evolution of the Mozilla Web Literacy Map to reach and meet the growing number of diverse audiences using the web. The paper represents the thinking, research findings, and next iteration of the Web Literacy Map that embraces 21st Century Skills (21C Skills) as key to leadership development.”

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New York State #NLLD17 Coordinator @GOrcls: Register now for Washington May1&2 @ALALibrary

Stand up New Yorkers! National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) is fast approaching and we have work to do. Our voices count.
NLLD is an opportunity for us to learn more about the Administration and its policy related to support for the Library Services and Technology Act ( LSTA), intellectual freedom, privacy, copyright, net neutrality and many other issues that are important to librarians, library users and the general public.
Registration for National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) is open.You can find out more about NLLD by clicking here. For information about the schedule of events click here. NLLD Briefings take place at The Liaison, you can register here. Here is a link to hotels that are either in Washington DC or in nearby Virginia with ready access to the Metro which comes into Union Station, not far from The Liaison and the legislative office buildings.
As a result of the changes in the Administration, many of the legislative issues are still unknown, however, based on President Trump’s Executive Budget, released earlier this week, we know that he has eliminated funding for the IMLS Institute of Museum and Library Services. This is the only federal funding for America’s libraries and is critical to New York State. Funding from IMLS  supports the NOVELny program, which makes databases available to all New Yorkers. In addition, IMLS funding supports the operation of the Division of Library Development (DLD). We also have indications that the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai intends to end support for net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.

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New Yorkers! Support Library Funding | @GOrcls @NYLA_XD

Libraries are our primary source of unbiased and full access to information.
Librarians help you learn how to make up your own mind about what is true and what is not!

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Jeremy Johannesen, Executive Director of NYLA, urges us all to contact your legislators to support full funding of NYS State Aid for libraries and library systems.
 “WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DEFEND LIBRARY FUNDING – NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! We are counting on you to ensure the legislature fights for libraries as negotiations take shape.”
Even if you have already written to your representative, please follow this link to NYLA’s Online Advocacy Center -The Voice of the Library Community, to send this NEW message to your legislators that library funding is NOT NEGOTIABLE.

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Librarians Fight Back. Again.

Start taking a carving knife to library funding. 

See what happens.

This link will take you to the whole article by Andrew Albanese 

American Library Association called Trump's proposal to eliminate the Institute of Museum and Library Services in
his FY2018 budget (effectively ending all federal funding for libraries of all kinds) "counterproductive and short-sighted," and vowed to fight the measure.

This is the link to the ALA Statement:

"President’s budget proposal to eliminate federal library funding 'counterproductive and short-sighted' "


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ON LINE NOW: PLAN22 Presentation/Workshop & NOTES @ONLibraryAccoc #OLASC

A shout out to the librarians and trustees who participated in our session and workshop at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 3 February in Toronto.
Our entire presentation and all the notes that accompany our work with you in Toronto are now on the OLA, OLASC17 web site here: PLAN22Archibrarians OLASC17 Presentation NOTES PDF
Contact us directly if you have any questions. We are here to help.


THANK YOU to the organisers, staff and volunteers at OLASC, and especially to Michelle Arbuckle @Citybrarian  and Pamela Sweet who took the time to stay with us after her introduction – we appreciate all the work you do.

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@ALAlibrary @OIF Issues Resolution on Access to Accurate Information

In a press release sent out yesterday the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) announced a resolution adopted on January 24th by the American Library Association (ALA) Council. The resolution prepared by the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) – Resolution on Access to Accurate Information – addresses the “problems of fake news, personalized news-feeds, web search algorithms and the delay of Freedom of Information Act requests.” 
The Resolution outlines the role of librarians and library workers in helping to raise awareness of these issues and “supports the critical role of librarians and library works in all types of libraries in teaching information literacy skills that enable users to locate information and evaluate its accuracy.”

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Excited to present our Sesssion and Workshop @ONLibraryAssoc #OLASC in Toronto this Friday 3 February

Link to Session/Workshop Information
We are look forward to meeting librarians and trustees at the @ONLibraryAssoc Ontario Library Association Super Conference #OLASC in Toronto this Friday, 3 February.
Our Session and Workshop  – “Communicate Effectively with Design Professionals” – will introduce and develop the concept of the the Library Building Program Document as a comprehensive method for organizing your library’s requirements and communicating them to library users, board, city or municipal councils and the architect.
We believe that the librarian is the person who should lead the Library Building Project and we do everything we can to support you with tools to help you systematically navigate your Library Building Project. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or feel unsupported.
We help librarians lead the pre-planning phase of the library building project and offer and explain the use of methods and strategies to use throughout the design development phase that help you retain control of your design into the acceptance of construction drawings.
So that you are familiar with the visual language that designers use, we will introduce you to adjacency charts; bubble diagrams; construction drawing schedules and Room Data Sheets . We will workshop three of these with exercises so that all our attendees can get hands on experience of the work involved and gain some experience for when you begin the design conversation with your architect.

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Fake News or Genuine?Librarians Help Identify Information Sources |@forbes

Pick up a communication device and ask your community's ‎Librarian to source that news you just read on line. You're tax dollars have already paid for the service.

Librarians are uniquely positioned to help every person in America check the source of the information they read on line or … anywhere!

Librarians must be more proactive and vocal in educating their service area citizens about what Librarians really do and to what they devote their lives.

Communities must be more informed, made aware, reminded, of the pivotal role their local librarian plays in teaching Information Literacy, what it is and now more than ever, why it is an absolutely essential component of a functioning Democracy.

This article from by K. Leetaru, 11Dec.'16, is a good starting point to energize you and your library staff… "…fake news exists because as a society we have failed to teach our citizens data and information literacy… to truly solve the issue of “fake news” we must blend technological assistance with teaching our citizens to be data literate consumers of the world around them." 

Read the entire Forbes article here :

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Libraries-Unexpected Sites of Hate Crimes|, C.Mele

We are all diminished as a society when even one of us is attacked for the simple act of reading .

Librarians are and always have been defenders of the right to read, intellectual freedom and privacy as the foundation of a functioning Democracy.

These unprecedented attacks on people inside libraries is profoundly disturbing. What happens to us and our precious, hard won freedom when we no longer feel safe in our library?

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