Who we are and What we do at PLAN22


To support and guide librarians to work effectively with their communities.
To enable librarians to confidently, clearly and effectively communicate their library’s requirements to an architect or designer.

PLAN22 services include:

• Fact finding information sessions with Boards
• Facilitating community planning workshops
• Assistance to Board to determine Project Definition
• Instructional work with librarians and staff for project definition
• Architectural Pre-planning work with librarians and staff
• Assistance to librarians and staff to ensure optimum functional relationships throughout a project
• Assistance to Librarians to help them write their library’s Architectural Program and scope definition.
*Support and direction in developing an Energy Efficient design.

Our two  professions overlap at times; when they do it is essential for both to understand the fundamental ideas that drive the decision to engage in the conversation involved in designing a built environment.

FACILITATION for strategic planning sessions with community stakeholders / advising and coaching librarians to effectively communicate with architects throughout the building process – from needs assessments, architectural pre-programming, instruction behind the scenes to help librarians program their needs to finished building project no matter the scale.

Direction at the pre-planning and design stage for an ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN.

Robert Hubsher is the Executive Director of the Ramapo Catskill Library System in Orange County, New York, serving libraries in four counties west of the Hudson River just north New York City; a position he has held for 11 years. He has worked with community and library boards and political stakeholders at the city, county, state and provincial/state levels. Speaking up about libraries, working for libraries, championing the freedom to read and the necessity of having an educated citizenry is Robert’s strength and passion. Robert has been a librarian since 1985.

Robert is a certified trainer for the Public Library Association – Planning for Results, Managing for Results and Staffing of Results programs.
Past Chair of the New York Library Association (NYLA) Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC).
He managed the planning, design, and construction of a new library building to serve a population of 47,000.
He holds a certificate from the Public Library Administrator Certificate Program – Palmer School of Library & Information Science, C.W. Post Continuing Education & Professional Studies Institute, Long Island University.

Karen Watson is an architect who moved to New York with her partner in 2000.  She found a way to use her skills and experience as an architect in a more satisfying way – by helping librarians develop their ideas for their building projects.  Since becoming a self styled “Librarian Groupie” she has journeyed with Robert to assist as a volunteer at strategic planing sessions for the RCLS system. She has 32 of experience in all aspects of the field of architecture, from hands on construction to project management/residential, commercial and institutional, most recently library design and architectural programming.


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