America – data helps us understand who we are and why. @kyle_e_walker

Educational Attainment in America is an interactive dot-density map designed by these clever folks at the Center for Urban Studies at Texas Christian University showing the US population aged 25 and over by educational attainment.Click on the map anywhere – scroll out or in to focus on y our area of interest.

Bar Chart – America

Data are summarized into five categories organised along the colour spectrum, representing the highest education attained: RED-less than high school; ORANGE-high school or equivalent; YELLOW-some college or associate’s degree; GREEN-bachelor’s degree; and BLUE-graduate degree.
According to Kyle Walker, Assistant Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for Urban Studies at Texas Christian University. “Data are from  the 2011-2015 American Community Survey Table B15003, distributed by NHGIS. Dot locations are approximate and do not represent the locations of individuals. Also, as the ACS is a survey of the US population, its estimates are subject to a margin of error.
I originally saw this article on line at: BoingBoing
I think it is instructive to compare and contrast the visual representation of the data on the two coasts (I have taken screen shots) compared to the center of the continent. Zoom around this map to find your own areas of interest.

Bar Chart-San Francisco


Section of Map – Mid Continent

Bar Chart – Mid Continent

Bar Chart – New York

According to the OECD-The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the US remains in the middle rankings for Science. (click on the images -they pop up larger)
  You can see for yourself the ranking for Maths: Cred and ScrnGbs: GitHub – walkerke/education_map: Educational Attainment in America  and PISA – PISA

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