Fake News or Genuine?Librarians Help Identify Information Sources |@forbes

Pick up a communication device and ask your community's ‎Librarian to source that news you just read on line. You're tax dollars have already paid for the service.

Librarians are uniquely positioned to help every person in America check the source of the information they read on line or … anywhere!

Librarians must be more proactive and vocal in educating their service area citizens about what Librarians really do and to what they devote their lives.

Communities must be more informed, made aware, reminded, of the pivotal role their local librarian plays in teaching Information Literacy, what it is and now more than ever, why it is an absolutely essential component of a functioning Democracy.

This article from Forbes.com by K. Leetaru, 11Dec.'16, is a good starting point to energize you and your library staff… "…fake news exists because as a society we have failed to teach our citizens data and information literacy… to truly solve the issue of “fake news” we must blend technological assistance with teaching our citizens to be data literate consumers of the world around them." 

Read the entire Forbes article here :

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