Mozilla’s NYC ‘Glass Room’ Reveals Internet’s Dark Side |@fastcompany, @mozilla #in

IoT linked devices pose real and consequential risks to personal privacy.

Mozilla’s mission has consistently been to safeguard our information and privacy in the interconnected on-line world and to educate users so we can make informed choices about what we purchase and use.

Their NOLITA pop-up ‘shop’ “Glass Room” (201 Mulberry St., NYC, open ’til 14 Dec.] shines a very hands-on light on the murky and intentionally shifting world of data mining, the erosion of personal information and our right to privacy.‎ It may look like an Apple Store from the street but once inside you will learn just how some of the products offered to keep you ‘connected’ will, in fact, erode your privacy and could, in the wrong hands, take away some of that freedom you seek by joining connected communities.

Give it a look. See what the company who sells you that device sees, knows and can sell about you!

L‎ibrarians, especially those who have joined the profession in the Internet Age, understand the importance of being well informed about what personal information devices and applications collect and sell (it’s called ‘monetization’ in the data harvesting industry). However we still meet many people who do not know the risks associated with their apps and devices and how companies collect and share very personal, extremely private information. Kudos to Mozilla for taking this seriously important issue to the streets.

ScrnGrbCred: of disturbing info from article (link above) – &

from PLAN22 Archibrarians

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