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"Creative leadership isn’t about leaders simply becoming more creative. It’s about individuals leading for creativity." (http://ift.tt/2aCQAFk)

IDEO U has an online course "Leading for Creativity" to tempt you librarians out there on the creative edge‎. http://ift.tt/1QMb5A0

‎Why does 'Work' = No One Has Fun? 
The idea of a workplace that is actually fun to go to and in which I can be creative has long been my special interest. Working in 'the Cubical Culture' of late 80's Government ‎Offices will have that effect.

I like Messrs Brown and Bell's take in their articles because they address tangentially another one of my special areas of curiosity: How can a library be designed to encourage creativity and a culture of acceptance and fun? While their articles gets to the core of how the Librarian leads the library and how that special leadership is crucial to expanding staff's feeling of freedom to be their true creative selves for the betterment of their library.‎ I need to figure out how I will coach the librarians I work with to see how physical spaces affect our behaviours allowing their amazing creative juices to flow.

Once we truly grasp the principle that the buildings we go to each day can influence our interactions and moods, we understand how design decisions become reality: for the positive or the negative.

The Explorer
The Gardener
The Coach
How can I translate these roles of good 'leadership from out front' into touchstones that inspire exciting library design? I'll find my way.

I've signed up for my download of the Tool Kit: 'Design Thinking for Libraries'.

ScrenGrabCred: Library Journal / IDEO





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