A City 8 Degrees Cooler?/ The Urban Heat Island Effect & Chicago’s Roof Tops|C. Fitch|Geographical

‎This illuminating study of the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and ‘greened rooftops ‘ in Chicago will help us all navigate the design of our ‘urban future’.
“…research conducted by the city of Chicago and the University of Notre Dame’s Environmental Change Initiative finds that …innovative rooftops could reduce the impact of the UHI by as much as 8°C
“Installing ‘green rooftops’ across Chicago – part of a comprehensive planning vision for the next few decades – could dramatically help the city’s attempts to prevent overheating.”


This is not news to those who have been advocating and designing environmentally sustainable buildings for 35 years.

However, as with all innovation, there is a flip side and I will be interested to see the data regarding the changes this initiative has on Chicago’s cooling Lake Effect.

More information about the ‘Chicago Wilderness Green Infrastructure Vision plan for 2040‎’ is available at this link: http://ift.tt/29cVCu0

ScrnGrbCrd: Geographical.co.uk

from PLAN22 Archibrarians http://ift.tt/2aGya7I

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