When families lived in New York libraries | 6sqft

Sharing life in the library; it was a family thing! Caretakers for NY libraries were a package deal until 10 years ago and our libraries were the better for it.

Families celebrated holidays, gave weddings, had babies, raised children who grew up to work in libraries and foiled thieves all while ensuring NY libraries ran like clockwork.

Does this not make even more sense today than ever before ?

Our 24/7/365 lives revolve around people making things happen for us in the background. The position of a live-in‎ Taker and Fixer of the Cares of the Library sounds like one of the most important positions a person could fill.

The last caretaker left living quarters in a NY library ‎in 2006. Here is what some of the job description would look like today:
“qualifications for prospective live-in superintendents would likely include everything from a great command of English to the ability to supervise staff to a general knowledge of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and carpentry repair. Many current live-in superintendent positions also require applicants to have a high-level of computer skills and experience working with one or more building management software programs. Finally, anyone interested in taking on the role of live-in superintendent needs to be committed to working around the clock and working year-round. ”


ScrnGrbCred: 6sqft.com / Wedding B&W photo: New York Society Library‎ | Quote: 6sqft
Nod to: @emilymelissabee

from PLAN22 Archibrarians http://ift.tt/29rc1LI

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