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Obama Chooses Williams and Tsien|NYMag

Good on you Mr. President. A man who lives a considered and careful life has gravitated to architects who move through the design process with intention and deliberation toward extraordinary ends.

The architects who designed that exquisite, short lived,‎ jewel – The American Folk Art Museum that MoMA just ate – are chosen to design Barack Obama’s Library.

Yes! Style and class really is ‘Bred in the Bone’ (short bow to Robertson Davies)‎.

ScrnGrbCrd: NY Mag

from PLAN22 Archibrarians



Achieve Your Library formed by Your Experience. Let us work with you to help you plan and manage your library building project. We are a Librarian and an Architect with over 50 years combined experience. We believe the best person to lead the Library Building Project is the Librarian who leads the Library!

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