Calatrava on the subject of the World Trade Center Plan|The New Yorker by Rebecca Mead

‎I include screen grabs of the one paragraph that particularly took my attention – practicality being one of my interests as much as elegance in design. I come from the 'make a solid foundation first and a waterproof roof and all the rest will follow'-school of thought, so his suggestion that the Port Authority wait a generation to put the topping on the cake to ensure the infrastructure is in place, sits well with me. "They will get the full measure of their personality." Indeed!

I shivered as I read the quote about the client getting the scale of project it wants perhaps but not what it deserves. ‎Sometimes you really do have to spend quality money to get the result you deserve. I have always believed that if you don't dream big then you most certainly will end up with some thing that is much smaller than your smallest dream (can you say Change Order anyone!?)

I have included the screen grab too of Ms. Mead's astute take on the possible psychological effect of the HUGE flag as it plays in the 'Time of Trump'. This is New York after all!

•PATH is – Port Authority‎ Trans-Hudson. 
•West Side Highway is State Hwy9A the most westerly ‎traffic corridor that links up to the FDR Hwy on the East River as it rounds The Battery at the southernmost tip of Manhattan Island.





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