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Casas em Movimento-Follow the Sun|

This Portuguese design firm is trying to redirect our attention to how we live in our changing climate. 

Take a few moments to view the well produced video on the main page.

Their design concept a little 'Safdie-meets-mobile sun worshipper' but solutions do not come without dreaming. 

Now in production this residential design addresses constantly adjusting photovoltaic panels; enticing promises of production of excess energy to off-set initial costs and…'energetically' in my opinion, the luxury of modularity and fantastically, portability!

This deserves a discerning look. While a part of me naturally says, "All you need is money honey.", the dreamer in me wants this to work.







from PLAN22 Archibrarians



Achieve Your Library formed by Your Experience. Let us work with you to help you plan and manage your library building project. We are a Librarian and an Architect with over 50 years combined experience. We believe the best person to lead the Library Building Project is the Librarian who leads the Library!

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