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UTOPIA 2016 A Year of Imagination and Possibility|Somerset House

Celebrating Thomas More’s UTOPIA in ways that you won’t easily believe seems an excellent thing to do and be part of this year if you are lucky enough to get yourself to Somerset House and all the other locations that form part of this amazing, year long, series of talks, exhibitions, happenings and explorations.

Imagine a future in the clouds, why public art should be labeled or a new type font. Just imagine.

I’d be there in a flash.

BTW, there is a fab new community designed and imagined type face to download FREE. ‎#in

from PLAN22 Archibrarians



Achieve Your Library formed by Your Experience. Let us work with you to help you plan and manage your library building project. We are a Librarian and an Architect with over 50 years combined experience. We believe the best person to lead the Library Building Project is the Librarian who leads the Library!

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