Loss of libraries…sure( )way to entrench inequality. Public Leaders Network | The Guardian

"You (really) ‎don't know what you've lost 'til it's gone". This piece by Mary O'Hara is her attempt to ring that huge bell we need to hear…our Libraries Are Closing! 

Are we crazy? Do we not realise that in India, where books and Internet access are held in such high esteem due to their rarity, that it's citizens are clamouring for libraries to be open and to actually have books in them?

We who have money and resources; educated librarians and the universities to train them disregard our privilege. We disdain library services. We ignore the young children who hunger for knowledge and let slip our gift of public libraries through our avarous fingers. ‎What are we thinking?

The vibrant, brilliance of a country's success rests upon an educated citizenry‎. 

Want your country to spiral down into disruption and encamped violence? Then close your schools, teach lies in those that are left open, encourage blind faith in history books and network TV News Readers and do away with your libraries. Your're done. We're all done!

Screen Captures‎: same article




from PLAN22 Archibrarians http://ift.tt/20IUn7D

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