Researchers have made cheap, strong concrete out of “Martian” soil.|MIT

cred: MIT TechRev

“…once humans arrive on the red planet, they will require high quality buildings in which to live and work…The first colonizers will quickly have to find a way to build structures using the planet’s own resources. But how?
The key material in a Martian construction boom will be sulphur, says the Northwestern team. The basic idea is to heat sulphur to about 240 °C so that it becomes liquid, mix it with Martian soil, which acts as an aggregate, and then let it cool. The sulphur solidifies, binding the aggregate and creating concrete. Voila—Martian concrete.” 


Read the full article here: from MIT Technology Review   
There is also a good article that helps to ‘translate’ the MIT piece for easier comprehension: from Fast Company

from PLAN22 Archibrarians

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