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10 Lessons (I) Learned From Barbie |

I know this is an unusual post for a site run by two people who help librarians plan the best library they can possibly design. 

But…my oldest sister gave me a Barbie when this silly toy was a brand new idea. I had a Skipper and Ken and Midge (no one remembers Midge!). 

My mother made the Barbie's clothes ‎that augmented some 'bought ' outfits (the blue velvet pants with the blue mohair cardigan was my favourite).

I played with Barbie and I became an Architect. I thought I had to 'think like a man to do the work it took to get my degree and 'make it' in a 'man's world'; but I didn't. I don't. I am a woman whose life experience is mixed up in many influences from Barbie to Bahaus.

I still have Barbie, in her original box and all the outfits my Mum made. And, I really like this list. Especially #9!‎ And #10 is especially à propos for me now.




from PLAN22 Archibrarians



Achieve Your Library formed by Your Experience. Let us work with you to help you plan and manage your library building project. We are a Librarian and an Architect with over 50 years combined experience. We believe the best person to lead the Library Building Project is the Librarian who leads the Library!

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