Misconceptions cleared up

WhyGoogleAskMeBuzzFeed loves to do surveys and make lists.
This one reveals ideas so many people have about librarians, in 2015 no less, that I wonder if people who harbour these misconceptions are just trying to be, well, trying!
On April 15th, BuzzFeed asked: “What’s The Most Frustrating Misconception People Have About Librarians?” – by Arianna Rebolini.
This photo posted on Instagram by ‘heartattackvine’  sums up the responses for me.
Read on. Shatter any notions you may have or anyone you might meet who has weird and outdated ideas about librarians and what they do each day.

Here are the answers to the misconceptions. Read the whole article here.

Being a librarian is at times a very stress filled job.
Technology has not made libraries redundant.
Librarians do not spend their days reading (they WISH!!)
Librarians do not have ‘a look’ that defines them.
and the misconception of that ‘look’ has two diametrically opposed stereotypes.
Childrens’ Story Hour is not play time.
Librarians work “in corporations, law firms, research institutes and laboratories, the government and military, special libraries (and) are researchers, computer specialists, collection developers, archivists, subject experts, meta data experts (you know, make everything findable off and online) and a lot more.” -AnnaBanana617
Librarians need to have an advanced degree (it’s called a Masters of Library and Information Sciences).
It’s not easy being a librarian. Click this photo to feel the stress:
Librarians embrace technology. Always have. Librarians are always on the leading edge of technological innovation.
Librarians are not all women and come in all age groups, sizes, ethnicities and nationalities.
Librarians are not prudes (just attend a party at ALA!)
Librarians are anything but introverted loners.
Libraries as a community and national resource are not an ‘endangered species’ nor an idea whose time has passed.

To quote Ms. Rebolini… “Librarians are heroes and best friends to readers, of all ages, around the world.” I second that.

from PLAN22 Archibrarians http://ift.tt/1INRhpr


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